Power Contracting LLC. believes that



PPE2Our company safety professionals are expected to work with all employees to increase the overall “safety culture” at Power Contracting by implementing solutions that mitigate safety hazards and risks. Our objective of providing regular employee training of safety regulations, customer service, and company safety policies we are more likely to achieve our goal of “ZERO” accidents. With the ever increasing insurance costs coupled with the constantly changing safety regulations, our employee’s safety can not, and will not, take a back seat.

Employee Safety Moto:

If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort will be made to plan a safe way to do the task. Every procedure must be as safe procedure. Shortcuts in safe procedures by any employee will not be tolerated. All unsafe procedures, tasks, and equipment/tools are to be reported so that adequate precautions can be implemented.

Safety At Power Contracting our aim is to perform quality work safely. We believe that the two go together and that no job is so urgent that an employee cannot take the necessary time to perform it safely.

Goal Power Contracting will be the premier electrical contracting provider of choice by our customers, the employer of choice by our employees, and recognized as a leader of health and safety excellence.

Commitment Power Contracting is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We strive to create and foster a world-class safety culture and for continuous improvement in our services through our environmental, health, and safety management systems.

Guiding Principles for Safety

  • You cannot out-produce safety.
  • Safety is our most important value.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Management leads the way by providing a safe work environment, creating a safety culture of zero tolerance, and fostering continuous safety improvement.
  • Each employee is responsible for his or her own safety, the safety of other employees, and the safety of the public.
  • Any employee that observes an unsafe act or condition is responsible to take the necessary action to stop the act and/or eliminate the condition.
  • All employees will receive the training necessary to safely perform their work.
  • New ideas for safety improvement are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Customer requirements and feedback will be incorporated in the safety plans for working on their property.